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Milan, 25 October 2019 – Helmo Milano celebrates its tenth birthday on the occasion of EICMA, and does so in an original way, presenting itself in Hall 18 with an English double decker instead of a traditional stand, under the motto“10 years in movement” !

Inside the red bus, the same color as the Helmo Milano logo, media, operators and visitors will be able to preview the 2020 range, as well as various style exercises and previews that could find space in future collections.

The surprises, however, aren’t finished: in fact it is shown in absolute preview the new PelleDura Flag, helmet “luxury” leather, in two livree that reproduce on the caps the “Union Jack” British and the “Stars & Stripes” American. Two examples of the highest craftsmanship and pure excellence, 100% “Made in Italy”, designed by Morgana Adiletta. These interesting models preserie, handmade with precious materials taking care of details and finishes in an almost manic way, lend themselves to further customization possibilities “taylor made”according to specific customer requirements. Two other versions dedicated to Italy and Germany are in preparation.

In addition to these two beautiful novels, the Milan-based EICMA exhibits other prototypes that will be included in the range. EICMA will be decisive for choosing the livery that will receive the greatest consents.

The object of new attention is the top-of-the-range model, the off-course, for which three hypothetical new colors have been prepared. The first two, two-tone, combine the matt black cap (Matt Black) with attractive fluo finishes: Yellow Race or Matt Orange, for the chin strap and removable rain cover that protect the air intakes.The third version offers the new glossy Medium Grey colour, combined with the classic black chin-rest carbon look.

FuoriRotta two-tone, would become the product intended for those who want an alternative to the solid color, combining the elegance and sobriety of opaque black – which marries with any garment and color of their vehicle – with more marked friezes and well visible also in the night and night traffic.The version in the new glossy Medium Grey, tint that is gaining a lot of success in the automotive field, addresses instead to the motorcyclist always attentive to the new stylistic trends.

Today Helmo Milano is synonymous with Italian style and fashion, as well as quality and safety. His helmets meet more and more often in the streets of the main European cities and stand out at first sight for the meticulous attention to detail, functional and aesthetic standards always very high, the design and colour combinations elegant and refined, with a really winning quality/ price ratio!

Helmo Milano has been able to find space in a sector as saturated as helmets, thanks to the exclusivity of its products. Crucial the choice to specialise only in the jet segment, up to invent the new category of Full-Jet!.

For more informations: Helmo Milano, Oltremoto S.r.l., Via Paolo Giovio 15, 20144 Milano, Tel. 02.43919153, info@oltremotoitalia.it,  www.helmo-milano.it


Ufficio Stampa Helmo Milano
Kerb Group di Andrea Cittadini


Make your helmet even more unique; Personalise it

Helmo Milano introduces the possibility to give a touch of personality to your helmet.

At the moment it’s possible to personalise only Pelledura Premium Flag model, with any flag and by entering its own name, sew on the leather on both sides of the helmet.

E065264E-006B-4401-8EC5-A05C100DC95B-scaled.jpeg (1818×2048)

It’s possible to insert the seaw with the name within the blue line, as showed in photo.

The available flag are: Italian (also limited edition version) and German.

It’s also possible to require a specific flag as one likes.

For more informations:
Email: info@oltremotoitalia.it
Phone: +39 0243919153
Facebook: Helmo Milano
Instagram: @helmomilano


Special Eicma 2019 – Paolo Adiletta’s Interview

Here Paolo Adiletta’s interview showed from “affaritaliani.it”, the owner of Helmo Milano.

To see the video click here

To read the article click here

Happy Holidays

Thank you for beeing part of these indelible 10 years spent together.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Helmo Milano

Ruote in Pista commented Helmo Milano at Eicma 2019|New Pelledura Premium Flag

Ruote in Pista makes a review of Helmo Milano showing in advance our new collection; Pelledura Premium Flag.

From today the Pelledura Premium Italian Flag is available in all our dealers shops.

To see the video click here.

Has come the new Pelledura Premium Flag.

After introducing a preview of it to our dealers at Eicma 2019, we can finally reveal you our top range new product.

The Pelledura Premium Flag, is a leather luxury helmet, in two liveries that reproduces on the shell the British Union Jack and the American Stars and Stripes and other flags.
Examples of the high crafstmanship and the pure excellence, 100% made in Italy, realised to a design by Morgana Adiletta.
These interesting pre-serie models, handmade with fine materials taking care of details and finishes in a maniacal way, lend themselves to other possibilities of customisation “taylor made”, in function wit specifics requests from clients.

Today we present the Pelledura Premium Italian Flag, a helmet that we treated in every single detail to underline the meticulous attention and our inimitable italian design.

From today it’s available in all our dealers shops.
(Pelledura Premium Flag has the possibility to be personalised on request)

Other flags will be showed in the coming weeks… STAY TUNED.

10 years to celebrate with a lot of news.

During the latest edition of Eicma, Helmo Milano has celebrated his 10th birthday and for the occasion it showed up, at hall 18, with an English Double Descker instead of a traditional stand, in the name of the motto “10 years in motion”.

Among the range news there is the Pelledura Premium Flag, a leather luxury helmet, in two liveries that reproduces on the shell the British Union Jack and the American Stars and Stripes.
Two examples of the high crafstmanship and the pure excellence, 100% made in Italy, realised to a design by Morgana Adiletta.


To read the complete article, click here

Helmo Milano works with Vredestein Centauro.

Behind a tradition of 110 years and the consolidate tecnical experience, allow Vredestein to offer models and solutions Centauro of excellence, included a monitoring system of high-tech pression tyres.

Vredestein has made an interesting partnership with Helmo Milano, other prominent partner that produces and distributes the Fuorirotta Centauro’s helmet, a new product top of range, born with the renewent of the full-jet named Fuorirotta.
The Fuorirotta Centauro has been employed from Vredestein’s tester into trials of development and into promotionals activities.

Click here to see the video

Vittorio Brambilla’s replica helmet (by Helmo M.) signed by Nico Cereghini.

Helmo Milano’s Audace is the classical vintage jet helmet in “Easy Rider” style, with high shell on both sides, peak and goggled sun visor type helicopteryst.
It was introduced in 2018 and it’s especially appreciated from the foreign markets.

Right the Helmo’s Audace is the beginning to realise the replica helmet of Vittorio Brambilla, completely orange.
The same colour of the “special” on the basis of Kawasaki Z400 prepared by Brambilla brothers; Carlo, Roberto and Lella, the motorbike’s owner.
Sons of Vittorio Brambilla, famous F1 pilot, winner of Austrian GP in 1975, but before that breed biker.

The helmet was exposed at Eicma 2019, at Helmo Milano’ stand, flanked by Lella Brambilla’s Kawasaki Z400.

Nico Cereghini, motorbiker and now known journalist, came to our stand to sign the replica helmet of Vittorio Brambilla.





From the collaboration between Helmo Milano and IUTER, “cult” brand of youth fashion, was born the Demi-Jet helmet “Tibetan Tiger Rug” . The helmet boasts the iconic IUTER Tibetan tiger rug design, used in Buddhist culture to provide protection whilst meditating. The interior of the helmet is printed with the “Tiger Camo” pattern in orange and black, which is the defining feature of the entire IUTER SS18 “Mirage” collection. The helmet is also printed with IUTER logos on each side and a black-on-black Helmo logo beside the lining. The helmet comes with a set of stickers and a Tiger Rug keyring. The first drop was sold out quickly from the IUTER Online Store and the IUTER Store Milano at Corso di Porta Ticinese 48.

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