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Helmo Milano. The fashion in head.

Helmo Milano is an original and amusing raid in the panorama of the helmets, and it explores the terri-tories of glamour, always on the base of an evolved technology, and of a careful design to the form and the function. The helmets Helmo Milano are, contemporarily, a defence and an emblem for the riders, with the colors and the design inspired to the imaginary collective of whom loves to stir on two wheels. The maniacal care of the details ensures elevated functional and aesthetical standards, in helmets made even more catchy from the good relationship quality-price. The constant search of in-novative solutions has brought to the creation, with FuoriRotta, of a new segment of helmets, the Full-Jet.

The models that have made history

2010. Ottovolante is born: young, bright, unique, with a number from the thousand meanings. Eight (8); Symbol of the endless one, holy in Japan and fortunate in China, it’s also engraved on the last marble by to send in hole in the billiards.

The ergonomic side screw drawn by Marcello Gottardi, will become the distinctive line of all the demi-jets Helmo Milano.

2011: the year of Puro, the simplest demi-jet and more sold that has supplanted the famous 3 buttons, and the “king” of the Italian market for simplicity and price. An essential helmet that satisfies the European characteristic omologatives, according to the actual normative with the law ECE -22.05.

2012 here is Pelledura, one of the richest helmets in the market of the demi-jets with inserts in echo-skin hand seams and finishes pretty neat. A choice without compromises of style and elegance, the pre-ferred by the Vespa’s riders and not only.

2013-14 EOS is the smallest of the demi-jets with double visor, an internal sun visor and an external large vi-sion protective one. Piccola Peste is the jet for children with transparent-long visor.

2015 it’s the year of the turning point with ViaColVento, the demi-jet created by Rodolfo Frascoli, designer of international fame that has worked for Guzzi, Triumph, Yamaha, Motion Morini, Gilera and Piaggio and others. Interesting from the technical point of view are the air tops equipped with 16 intakes air system, that always create an ideal temperature

on the wake of success of ViaColVento arrives Turbine, that shares the characteristics of it and besi-des it’s endowed with two visors. Also its thermoplastic shell is drawn by Rodolfo Frascoli.

All helmets with sun visor acquire the external movement of the same

The revolution of FuoriRotta

The pencil of Rodolfo Frascoli draws FuoriRotta, a product that invents a new segment of the world of the helmets: the Full jet, that means a jet or demi-jet with an anterior protection.
Light as the jets, protective as the integral ones, they assure elevated levels of comfort thanks to the superior air tops.
Introduced to Cologne in 2016, FuoriRotta it’s a demi-jet with chin-rest that has elements common with a modular helmet, but it has different advantages in addition.
The chin-rest can be overturned, but it doesn’t offer a barrier to the air in movement thanks to the ac-curate study of the angle of rotation, to avoid the “sail” effect.

The characteristics of FuoriRotta makeit a particularly versatile helmet, suited to the guide in city for its lightness, the weight is contained in 1290 grams, but also ideal in the longest trips, thanks to the pro-tection assured by the chin-rest.

Also comfort is a world class, with the system of airing inherited by ViaColVento and Turbine, two air tops with 16 holes of airing that exploit the effect “chimney” because the warm air rises upwards and it goes out of the superior air tops, pushed by the fresh air that enters from the anterior tops.

FuoriRotta is also wealthy in the endowments: inside sun visor, the visor of great dimensions for a good field of vision and, as standard, the system Pin lock that improves the function anti-fog.

2018 – The absolute novelty is called Audace: the return of the classical helmet jet vintage in style “Easy Rid-er”, with tall shell on the sides, peak and transparent-smoky goggle visor such as chopper pilots. Au-dace is available in three versions, that pay tribute to the name of three prestigious circuits in interna-tional area. Audace Monza presented in in the colours Matt Nero, Matt Antracite and Shiny White. Au-dace Daytona only in Matt Nero with orange strips: for a true look custom typically made in USA. Au-dace Silverstone always in Matt Nero however refined from a central strip in black skin.

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