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Helmo Milano loves to stand out and strive for excellence. This achievement is reached through a research in design, a glamorous style attentive to the references of fashion and the use of sophisticated materials, but also with so much technological innovation.

It’s a brand born only in 2010 but in a few years have been introduced many new technical solutions; From the ergonomic lateral screw, designed by Marcello Gottardi, to remove and change the visor (a real distinctive feature of Helmo Milano), to the internal EPS shell called “Hypercool” with 16 ventilation holes covered by removable grids, used for example for the revolutionary FuoriRotta.
In truth this ventilation solution had already been launched with ViacolVento in 2015. The two air intakes covered by grids, exploit the chimney effect, because the warm air rises upwards and exits the upper sockets, pushed by the fresh air coming in from the front sockets. In this way, the temperature is always ideal.
The shell has a metal grid to allow the exit of hot air and the entrance of the fresh one, but the special removable transparent protection plates, prevent water from entering in case of rain.

FuoriRotta has introduced the new concept that revolutionises the helmets sector by creating the new Full-Jet category, which combines the best qualities of a jet and those of an integral.
FuoriRotta is revolutionary for design, that one of a true jet, which with a gesture becomes comfortable as an integral. The chin guard can be flipped, but it does not offer a barrier to moving air thanks to the careful study of the angle of rotation, to avoid the “sail” effect.
Big Adventage is the weight of only 1300 grams very usefull for a log trip.
Another Helmo prerogative is the double visor: the traditional external transparent large visor with treatment anti-scratch andequipped with a famous Pinlock system to avoid the fog during winter. Furthermore the helicopter visor, retractable with movement inside the shell, replaceable with others of different colors available as an option.

Helmo Milano was one of the first to have products with Bluetooth predisposition. Finally, a last novelty concerns the closure that has micrometric adjustment and quick release system with buckle. The buckle of the chin strap on the left cheek facilitates the fit of the helmet and avoids the rubbing of the chin strap itself on the throat. On the chin strap there is also a steel anti-theft ring.

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