Vittorio Brambilla’s replica helmet (by Helmo M.) signed by Nico Cereghini.

Helmo Milano’s Audace is the classical vintage jet helmet in “Easy Rider” style, with high shell on both sides, peak and goggled sun visor type helicopteryst.
It was introduced in 2018 and it’s especially appreciated from the foreign markets.

Right the Helmo’s Audace is the beginning to realise the replica helmet of Vittorio Brambilla, completely orange.
The same colour of the “special” on the basis of Kawasaki Z400 prepared by Brambilla brothers; Carlo, Roberto and Lella, the motorbike’s owner.
Sons of Vittorio Brambilla, famous F1 pilot, winner of Austrian GP in 1975, but before that breed biker.

The helmet was exposed at Eicma 2019, at Helmo Milano’ stand, flanked by Lella Brambilla’s Kawasaki Z400.

Nico Cereghini, motorbiker and now known journalist, came to our stand to sign the replica helmet of Vittorio Brambilla.